Considering that the histories of France and Britain have been entwined for more than a thousand years, it is astonishing how scant is the intellectual contact between our two countries today. In the 18th and 19th centuries London and Paris may have gone to war, but there was nonetheless a lively correspondence of ideas across the Channel; three centuries on we hardly talk, even though joined at the hip through the European union.

The IQ2 London:Paris Festival, to be held on October 6 - 8, seeks to fill that hiatus in Anglo Gallic relations. A weekend of lively debate and discussions involving leading intellectual and political figures from both nations, ( A.C Grayling, Christopher Hitchins, Bernard Henry-Levy, Alain Minc, Janine de Giovanni, to name a few). The Festival provides a rare chance to celebrate our distinctive way of life, explore the points of contacts and divergence and make sense of our idiosyncratic ways of looking at things.

The Festival confirms the success of Intelligence Squared; with their monthly debates, they have suddenly made intelligence all the rage and seriously sexy on the London social scene.

The Festival will be based at the Royal Geographic Society and the Institut Francais in South Kensington, both conveniently a short distance from each other.

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